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Who We Are ?

Our Story

Delhiponics is an avant grade hydroponics farm specialising in a variety of leafy salads and strawberries, delivering locally grown quality produce to help you eat healthier and better.

Our Promise

We believe that eating healthy makes you live better. This makes us committed to offering you the best produce. Every crop grown at Delhiponics is at the height of freshness, flavour and nutrition.

Why Choose Delhiponics

  • Non - GMO Seeds
  • Grown Without Compromise
  • Specially Designed Crop

Non - GMO Seeds

We care about what you eat. Every crop planted in our farm is precisely cared for, right from the choice of seeds. Our salads germinate from seeds specially sourced from Netherlands. By controlling the entire process, we ensure finest quality of our produce. Our techniques ensure that you get fresh produce that you can feel good about eating.

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Grown Without Compromise

We grow without pesticides or chemicals and use potable water for our crops. Our state of the art hydroponics farm is a carefully controlled facility offering a growing environment that maintains a high degree of hygiene and sanitisation. This ensures optimum growing conditions for our produce and freshest fruit and vegetables for your table.

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Specially Designed Crop

We handpick the plants that we grow to offer you nothing but the best. Our Strawberry plants are specially designed for North India and offer flavoursome berries that you can taste the difference in.

Enabling Hotels

To serve freshness and nutrition

Farm To Table

We grow right where you live to deliver
farm fresh produce.

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